Can The Rock save us from The Big One?


Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will star in SAN ANDREAS, a new disaster film about a big earthquake that hits California. Surely he will save the day! The 3D film will start shooting next year for release in 2015. New Line will distribute. The studio is “aiming to out-Roland Emmerich Roland Emmerich with this project, envisioned as epic in scope.” reports Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter.

The ‘Big One’ may be even bigger than we imagine. As reported in the LA Times, recent “research showing a section of the fault is long overdue for a major earthquake has some scientists saying that the fault is capable of a magnitude 8.1 earthquake that could run 340 miles from Monterey County to the Salton Sea.

“Whether such a quake would happen in our lifetime had been a subject of hot debate among scientists. That’s because experts had believed that a major section of the southern San Andreas, which runs through the Carrizo Plain 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, would remain dormant for at least another century.

But that rosy hypothesis seemed to be shattered by a report in the journal Geology, which said that even that section of the San Andreas is far overdue for the ‘Big One.’ ”

The article continues: “Now, according to U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones, it is entirely possible that all 340 miles of the southern San Andreas could be ready to erupt at any time…Large quakes haven’t occurred anywhere on the southern San Andreas for more than a century, making it a sleeping giant that has been building stress for so long it could snap at any moment.”

Get ready.



Reese Witherspoon — HAPPILY EVER AFTER


Disney is taking a comedic look at the fairy-tale genre.

The studio has picked up Happily Ever After, a pitch that has Reese Witherspoon attached to star.

She will also produce, along with her Pacific Standard partner Bruna Papandrea, and John Jacobs of Smart Entertainment.

The idea is to catch up with a prince and princess about 10 years after they have ridden off into the sunset for their “happily ever after.” The couple discovers that even in fairy-tale land, you have to work to keep your relationship and your life together.

Hollywood Reporter has the story here.

Words of Wisdom from A.C.Lyles: “Obsession, Obsession, Obsession”


Veteran Paramount producer and Hollywood fixture A.C.Lyles has passed away at 95. He began as an usher in one of Paramount’s movie theaters and then became a publicist before producing westerns in the 1950s and ‘60s and serving in recent years as a goodwill ambassador.

LA Magazine offers this anecdotal advice from the dapper Lyles: “In this business you need to maintain enthusiasm. Real estate has three words: location, location, location. I have three words: obsession, obsession, obsession. You can’t say, I think I’ll try. You have to say, I’ve got to, I’ve got to, I’ve got to.”

Read more here, and at Wikipedia. Variety has this tribute.

Review: “Robert Redford deserves an Oscar for Best Actor”

David Thomson, writing in the New Republic, loves ALL IS LOST.


All Is Lost is amazing, deeply moving…It is an adventure and an epic with one person. I am warning you that it may win Best Picture, and that its one person, Robert Redford, deserves what has never come to him before, an Oscar for best actor.

It “is an archetypal role that other actors might have handled—De Niro, Nicholson, John Wayne, Gary Cooper. But Redford has the part, and he is as noble, vulnerable, and harrowed as Cooper at his best. … He shows huge, innate skill in letting us share in what the man is feeling.

“I’m warning you. This is greatness, beautiful but unsettling— At moments … All Is Lost becomes a metaphor for brave spirits in a crushingly organized life. You will be as drained when you see it as you have ever been at a movie…Just when one worries whether a large, crowd-pleasing American film can still contain resonant ideas, here comes such a thing. ”

Read the review here.