Review: “Robert Redford deserves an Oscar for Best Actor”

David Thomson, writing in the New Republic, loves ALL IS LOST.


All Is Lost is amazing, deeply moving…It is an adventure and an epic with one person. I am warning you that it may win Best Picture, and that its one person, Robert Redford, deserves what has never come to him before, an Oscar for best actor.

It “is an archetypal role that other actors might have handled—De Niro, Nicholson, John Wayne, Gary Cooper. But Redford has the part, and he is as noble, vulnerable, and harrowed as Cooper at his best. … He shows huge, innate skill in letting us share in what the man is feeling.

“I’m warning you. This is greatness, beautiful but unsettling— At moments … All Is Lost becomes a metaphor for brave spirits in a crushingly organized life. You will be as drained when you see it as you have ever been at a movie…Just when one worries whether a large, crowd-pleasing American film can still contain resonant ideas, here comes such a thing. ”

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