Esquire’s “The Do’s and Don’ts of 3D Movies”

Nick Schager writes in Esquire that Alfonso Cuaron’s GRAVITY has reversed the trend of diminishing boxoffice returns for 3D films. He points out that GRAVITY earned 80% of its revenue on the first weekend from 3D screens. esq-gravitySchager applauds the 3D work of auteur directors in particular. In addition to GRAVITY, he singles out Cameron’s AVATAR, Scorsese’s HUGO, Spielberg’s ADVENTURES OF TINTIN, and Luhrmann’s GATSBY. These films “all demonstrate the creative possibilities afforded by 3D when employed by skilled hands.” In addition, he says “3D can even be an enlivening format for dramas.”esq-smaug-xlg-47910938IMAX 3D also gets praise. Shager: “if you can get to a legitimate gigantic IMAX screen, seeing a native-3D film is a definite upgrade. Providing a truly enveloping experience, genuine IMAX 3D is something that simply can’t be duplicated.”

Go see some native 3D!