De Niro honors his artist father in new documentary

UntitledRobert De Niro has produced a documentary to honor his late father, the abstract expressionist painter, Robert De Niro Sr. The film, called “Remembering the Artist Robert De Niro Sr.,” has premiered at Sundance Film Festival and will air on HBO in June.

According to the Associated Press, De Niro Sr., was part of the post-WWII art scene, which produced such talent as Jackson Pollock. He was endorsed by the famed art collector and socialite, Peggy Guggenheim. But while he was successful when he started out, De Niro Sr.’s work went out of style as pop art became the trend.

He died in 1993 at 71, but his story is now being told by his Oscar-winning son. De Niro  also put some of his father’s work on display at the Julie Nestor Gallery in Park City.

Untitled 2Robert De Niro, Sr., Last Painting, 1992, copyright Estate of Robert De Niro, Sr., Courtesy DC Moore Gallery, New York/ARSNY.

Director Perri Peltz has said of De Niro Sr.: “In some ways his story is the universal tale of the struggling artist who works and works but fails to receive the attention he deserves from critics, collectors or dealers. It begs the question of what is fame and why is it important? Why do some people become famous and receive all of the recognition and benefits of fame while other equally talented people work in relative obscurity? For De Niro, Sr. that lack of recognition was impactful. We gained insight into his struggle and sense of self. “dc48a1925bef473d906ccb97b38bbb75-b01834712e0d4e41b3a6a44894571024-1