Happy Birthday Dwayne Johnson—Here are The Rock’s Best Comedy Moments

DwyaneJohnsonBallerIn honor of Dwayne Johnson’s birthday,  Bill Bradley at Huffington Post is celebrating 10 of The Rock’s best moments. But Bradley missed my favorite: the “Bring It On” scene from BE COOL.

Everyone talks about Dwayne’s ability to bring intensity to action movies; he earned the nickname “Franchise Viagra” after he injected new life into FAST FIVE  and GI JOE: RETALIATION .

Not enough appreciation is shown for Dwayne’s comedic skills. In this hilarious scene from the sequel to GET SHORTY, he steals the spotlight from John Travolta and Uma Thurman. Gay Samoan bodyguard Elliot Wilheim (portrayed by The Rock} breaks into Edy’s (Thurman) house to demand an impromptu acting audition from Chili Palmer (Travolta), who has become a Hollywood film producer. Elliot performs a scene from BRING IT ON. He also does the People’s Eyebrow, his signature gesture from his days in the WWF/E. Check it out:

Dwayne commits fully to the character. Notice how closely he listens and reacts to every word Travolta says. Dwayne is one hundred percent invested in the scene, and that makes him very funny.

BE COOL also stars Vince Vaughn, Harvey Keitel, Cedric the Entertainer, Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000), Danny DeVito, Steven Tyler and Christina Milian.

HuffPo’s 10 best moments include other comic high points:

1) When he lip-synced to Taylor Swift’s SHAKE IT OFF on Lip Sync Battle, pitting his skills against Jimmy Fallon :

2) The time he played ukelele and sang “What a Wonderful World:”

3) When he turns into The Rock Obama:

Head on over to HuffPo to see the other 7.

Happy Birthday Dwayne!