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He Built A Camera The Size of a Truck!

Photographer and artist Ian Ruhter has embraced old school technique by resurrecting silver collodion wet plate photography. The process, introduced in about 1850, requires the photographer to mix silver nitrate and other chemicals to form a mixture that is then used to coat a large metal plate. The surface must then be exposed within 15 minutes. Ruhter has chosen to work in a large scale, creating plates up to four feet wide. tumblr_m7s0jmhC691r8e3ono1_1280To project the subject image from the lens onto a plate of that size, Ruhter converted a truck into a giant camera. Watch the video above to see the truck in action, and to be inspired by an artist living his passion.

Below are some examples of Ruhter’s work. The photographer can be found on tumblr or at his website or his gallery.

The technique yields breathtaking landscapes: tumblr_mpmuxeqirn1r8e3ono1_1280tumblr_m1pjbsyAZ41r8e3ono1_1280

The portraits of cities are haunting: tumblr_m3eib2jpbR1r8e3ono1_1280tumblr_mqv247fSon1r8e3ono1_1280

And the portraits of people are stunning: tumblr_m99vxjVS521r8e3ono1_1280tumblr_m1kpuzRMAc1r8e3ono1_1280