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Briana Evigan talks STEP UP ALL IN and her Fire Dance

Briana & Ryan

STEP UP ALL IN opens August 8. Over on Collider, Step Up franchise star Briana Evigan talks all about her role in the new film. Her favorite dance sequence is the finale number in which she brandishes a flaming Bo staff.

Here’s some of what Briana told Collider interviewer Christina Radish:

“What was your favorite dance sequence to shoot?

EVIGAN:  Most definitely the fire sequence.  It was so cool and so much fun.  I just felt like this sexy animal on stage.  I felt so powerful.  And I worked so hard for it.  I only spent two hours actually playing with the fire, so there was that adrenaline rush of not really knowing what I was doing, but trusting myself.  It was cool. 

And that was something that you came up with the idea for, right?

EVIGAN:  Yeah.  I was at a luau in Hawaii with my family and I knew the people dancing.  The Chief was actually his name.  And I was so impressed that I took a video and sent it to the director.  Sure enough, when I got home, they said, “Here’s your stick.  In one month, there will be a bunch of fire on it.”  I just believed that I could do it, and I got up there and did it.  You just show up and do it. “

Briana slinging fire:



STEP UP ALL IN – directed by Trish Sie, produced by Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, stars Ryan Guzman, Briana Evigan, Adam Sevani, Alyson Stoner, Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, Izabella Miko, and a host of Step Up all stars, from Lionsgate Entertainment.